Controlling my anger was one of my toughest challenges in my life. When People found out my weakness. It was like they couldn’t wait for me to turn in to the incredible Hulk. “No Joke” the enemy will always send someone with a assignment to come Steal, Kill and destroy you. Remember that! If they know you struggle with anger they are going to try over and over especially if you claim to be a Woman or man of God. They will try and try to push your buttons to get you to act a fool. It is a process it takes time, just remember like I remind myself daily” you didn’t become jacked up over night” “so dont think your anger is going to want to leave you just like that. Anger and I was married for years. It controlled my every move, every emotion, every action. Anger is my worst enemy. You have to be willing to surrender anger and its hard! I’m not going to lie if you struggle like I do. I’m not going to lie because if you never was taught how to control it you wont know how until you get to know who your real daddy is and that’s “God the Great I Am” Jesus is the only one that can teach you how to control your anger and teach you to love and he will give you true love. I can teach you how I got through it and how I still use my Armor of God everyday.This is just the beginning of “How to control your anger”so if you have questions please ask me.If you want to begin to get free from this bondage, lets do it.Remember one day at a time. Start by giving your life to Christ. I am no professional Dr. If you feel that you truly need professional help please seek emergency service ASAP. My website is to share the love of God that delivered me from a vicious demon called anger. I will share bible verse that helped me and still help me today because we are human and we all are going to get angry at some point of your life some more than others. I was one that was married to anger because of all the abuse that was done to me .I was never shown no other way. My name is Pastor Yvonne Lopez I Pray that God will use me in a mighty way to help those that are also married to Anger. Ephesians 4:26 -27 “In your anger do not sin “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. Please begin with this verse allow it to digest go by it everyday.

Controlling anger to me was like trying to control a beast boyyyy was it hard for me.I remember this beautiful woman of God the words she spoke to me when I was going through domestic violence. I would call her up late at night crying and full of anger and she would tell me “Don’t argue with him if he calls you B….Whore,slut,so many other damaging words she would tell me to tell him “I love him”I told her are you out of your freaking mind?But anyways I tried it and let me tell you to do that it felt like I was being stabbed in the neck and spit in the face .So I prayed even harder and asked God please don’t let me keep hurting this way and he did.Well it got easier where I was able to walk away with strength and not look back.Love kills all hate .We just need to learn to stay in love 1 John 4-19 We love because he loved us first .This truly helped me so she was right the more I loved the less i felt hate .Pastor Lopez

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