Beloved you have a voice! and God hears your every prayer and bottles your every tear. Hold tight to Jesus, because when you feel your all alone God is holding you beloved. I Pastor Yvonne Lopez, also is a survivor overcomer of Domestic Violence. I stand being a willing vessel that God can use so that I will be a voice for those that have settled and are in bondage with mental and physical abuse. God I pray that you will use me so that I can share my story to many hurting women and men that are being physically and mentally being abused and teared down. It eats at you like cancer eats up cells. But by the Blood of Jesus Christ God is going to set you free from abuse. God did not create you to settle and take the punches and the words that comes out of the abuser mouth that hurts worse than being punched straight in the face or having your leg broke, or being strangled until they release you from there strong hold. It is time beloved for your voice to be heard. I pray this will help you to speak and be heard by many women and men that are to afraid to leave because they have settled. Beloved it is time for you to love yourself so you can see that this season or years of abuse it is over. I pray I declare decree in the name of Jesus Father you cover this website in the blood of Jesus protect it so that many woman will come forward and want to get free of this strong hold of abuse. “Father we come against all forms of violence,oppression,depression anxiety, self sabotaging Father we Declare Victory and We declare your love 1 John 4:8 NIV Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love . Feel free to ask questions you also can personally email me at Leave your comments and ask questions .God help them to be bold and courageous and let this website that you have blessed me with help them to be set free from Domestic Violence in Jesus Name Amen.

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