I say love should not hurt because it should not! Growing up I never knew what love was. To me love was being miss treated, love was telling my father “I love you” only to have him put his hand out so I could kiss his hand. That’s what love is ,so I thought .Love to me was running up to my mother telling her “I love you” only to have her throw me off of her. I knew nothing about love ,let alone unconditionally love. Love to me was nothing growing up, because how can you love If you dont know what love is? I surely didn’t know what it felt like in a family, relationship and marriage. I’m writing about “Love DOESNT HURT” BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE FREEDOM I HAVE TODAY AND TO SHARE “LOVE DOESNT HURT” AND DONT GIVE UP !!! I want you to know what love truly is to me after I tell you my story only if your interested? I hope this gives you “HOPE” so if you dont know what love is? You will BELOVED I know right now the only love you know now hurts it is a constant pain in your heart that brings pain,anger,lonleness,numbness and fear . NO one can understand what your going through only you that is in the moment. I get it ! I hope you will see there was a start in your pain. It was for me. I know the pain you are experiencing right now hurts so bad. It gets better .Well like I tell all my viewers if you are looking for a professional writer this website isn’t for you. This website we are 100 and we will spell words wrong and everything else, because why” NO ONE IS PERFECT IF YOU WANT TO REACH PEOPLE AND TRULY HELP THEM” I dont like to proof read ,I make it feel like my journal .Please stay if you like if not see you. Its all about ‘HEALING ON THIS WEBSITE” LEARNING FROM SOMEONE ELSES MISTSKES SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GO DOWN THAT PATH AND GO THROUGH MORE PAIN. Sincerely your friend

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