Our Mission

To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and make disciples by the Holy Spirit. Having faith that God heals the Broken Hearted. Our church is dedicated to serving people who are brokenhearted and feel abandoned, hurt, or not able to move forward in their life. We stand as the light in darkness, so people will know that God always loves them unconditionally. It is our goal to supply the Word of God, love, kindness, spiritual support, and food to meet people’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs through this caring and loving church.

Our Vision

To be a congregation whose lives are striving to reflect the life of Jesus Christ. To be a testimony of what God has delivered us from.

The following is our vision:

Broken-Hearted Ministries Outreach: Provide dedicated ministers to those who suffer from drug addiction, sexual abuse, marriage problems, and other life-altering events. Our team is committed to serving all people in a professional manner with the compassion of Christ and the Word of God.

Community Youth Outreach:  Provide solid Biblical education to the youth in our respective community with appropriate adult supervision at all times.

Feeding the Needy and Those Who are in Delicate Situations: Life has a way of changing and when it does, sometimes people need a helping hand with no judgment. It is our goal to provide food to those who need it because it is our goal to help them. We follow the protocols of our donors in a professional manner, but we do not judge or condemn anyone who we serve. We love people and truly understand that as Ambassadors of Christ, it is our role to love and help in any way we can.

Our Pastor: Yvonne Lopez

Pastor Yvonne Lopez (left) and Husband Mike Lopez (right)

Pastor Yvonne Lopez is the Senior Pastor of Urgent Care for the Broken Church located in Kansas City, Kansas. Lopez was ordained in May of 2018 and serves with her husband, Mike in ministry. Their goal is to win souls leading them to Jesus Christ out of darkness. To help in a positive and confidential way because she knows what it is to live in a state of despair, hopelessness, and feeling like there are no comforting options in life. She also knows that Jesus Christ is the solution to any problem, at any time, and anywhere.

Lopez knows what it is like to be broken-hearted because as a young girl she had an abusive and hard childhood in which her family struggled for food, so much that locks were placed on the home refrigerator. Food was not the only thing that was scarce. Love, understanding, compassion, and respect for little girls were not present. She remembers going with her father and having to dig in Argentine’s Safeway dumpster for tomatoes and onions because that was the only food available for her.

Her family lifestyle was based on endless chaos that subjected her to idolatry to saint statues, excessive drinking, humiliation, sexual and physical abuse, and suffering from molestation by a family member. Lopez’s mother often ignored her and played favorites with her other siblings which caused a void in her heart. Lopez was lost, but God was present.

Death was definitely knocking on her door with attempts of suicide. Lopez’s family rarely spent time together because the focus was on a bar that her father built in their home. That bar served as the center of attention because it brought loud music, foul language and an atmosphere that promoted a great deal of drinking, idolatry, and sexual perversion.

As a young girl, Lopez realized that her father was a religious alcoholic who placed many statues of saints all around their home. She had no idea of the spiritual ramifications of her home or that a door was already opened in which she would seek drinking and doing drugs as a viable option of escaping reality. Partying, living reckless, and having no sense of her actions was the name of the game. But, she still stayed in school because there was a desire to make some family history.

Despite all the negative moments of her childhood and youth, Lopez had a goal and that was to be the first to graduate from high school. This goal was achieved in 1990. From 1990 to 2007 Lopez’s life would be filled with ups and downs, and two marriages. One, in particular, was so abusive that she died in an ambulance and was revived. Both were a great deal of physical abuse. She has experienced a great deal of sorrow, but she believes it was not in vain. Her pain for a reason. It was to get ready for active ministry.

“In 2007 I converted from Catholicism to Christianity. I was introduced to the Holy Spirit and it was the best feeling I have ever felt. For the first time in my life, I felt a feeling of peace, love, comfort, and freedom of shame, guilt, and self-condemnation. No longer was I unloved or ignored, I was God’s daughter and He was my Father. I walked in peace and I am a new woman in Christ. My past is gone and I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. I had already lost my dad to his drinking efforts from Cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson disease. l was losing my mother, but near her death was the biggest shocker of my life. She left me to care for that person who hurt me so bad as a child. I knew I had to lead this person to Christ and that’s exactly what I did. He is serving God today and is a changed Godly man. God restored my relationship with this family member. This is the love of our Heavenly Father and I know it is real,” said Pastor Lopez.

Pastor Yvonne Lopez graduated from J.C. Harmon High School in May 1990. She attended Nursing School at Donnelly College in April 2005. She is a licensed CNA. She graduated from Independence faith Bible College in February of 2016 and has an Associate Degree in Biblical Teaching. In 2018, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Theology. Lopez was ordained at Independence faith Bible College in May of 2018. Pastor Lopez is still furthering her education at Independence Faith Bible College. There she will complete her Doctrine. Lopez says “She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her and so can we.”

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